Connected Clarity

5‐week Coaching Intensive

“Get traction on your most meaningful goals, fast.”

Create clarity over the outcomes you’re looking for, and get deeply connected to the future you want

1 x 90 minute 1:1 coaching intensive

4 x 15 min weekly 1:1 check-in calls

4 x weekly email/WhatsApp “nudges”

Real accountability. No kidding!

What you leave with…

meaningful commitment to what you value

real clarity + vision of your goal

deeper connection to your values + aspirations

a sense of becoming

detailed understanding of how your goal fits into the bigger picture of your life

tools & resources to support you through the dips

greater self awareness

resonant choice

Here’s what won’t happen…

banish fear and doubt ...

they’ll be there on every journey you take, AND you can have them sit in the back seat and not touch anything whilst you drive!

have supreme confidence magically materialise out of nowhere

…People often think confidence is a prerequisite of action, but the truth is confidence comes as a result of action

the same result as last time

…If you do what always did, you’ll get the same results. This intensive will disrupt your thinking and patterns.

circumstances calling the shots

…You will be at choice; creating from possibility, not circumstance. You’ll choose the action on what is most meaningful to you.

Ready to get traction on your goals?

Get connected to your goals, and clarity over the future you want to build.