Leadership need not be lonely


I coach new and established leaders who commit to amplifying their impact. Every leader is unique so each coaching conversation is too. Some common themes I hear in coaching include:.

Growing high performing teams

Building trust through the organisation

Developing emotional intelligence

Creating balance and fulfilment

Operating strategically

Living with ambiguity + uncertainty

Rather than explain what coaching is, I'd rather just have you experience a powerful coaching conversation for yourself, for FREE.

My Approach

If you’ve not worked with a coach before I’ll invite you, for free, to sample a powerful coaching conversation with me. I hold nothing back – you get my best coaching at all times.
Right from the start you’ll feel how a coaching conversation is different. You will feel heard, and you will, I hope, feel emboldened by the absence of judgement.
I will not collude with your self-limiting beliefs. I will hold up a mirror to increase self-awareness. I will call you out on your BS. I will champion and advocate for your best self when your self-doubt shows up. I will hold you larger than you hold yourself. I will hold you to account for the commitments you make.

I will bring my best game – everything I know – in service of your agenda. I draw from my training as a CTI Co-Active coach, with the tools acquired through my ILM research, from the fields of psychology. All delivered with professionalism, and complying with the ICF Code of Conduct for professional coaches.

Ready to own your leadership ?

Schedule your FREE sample coaching conversation, and lean into your potential today!