Leadership Coach

My Story

I coach talented and motivated individuals as they stretch and grow in leadership.

Behind me are 24 years building innovative tech in small UK startups, through acquisition, to silicon valley giants, as a technical leader and people manager.

I built my reputation on being a compassionate and bold leader by honouring three values; humility, respect, and trust.

I’m mighty proud of the stuff I helped build (including the first smartphone); but along the way I found what really matters to me – the awesome humans I work with!

What fulfils me most is helping great people grow, transform their leadership and scale their impact.

Now I use my leadership experience in the tech sector and my strengths in people skills to coach. I’m a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

In addition to six years experience building successful engineering groups at Google in London and New York I was lead facilitator on Google’s internal flagship leadership development program for emerging talent.

I’ve worked internationally in the US, UK, Sweden, Finland and India. I’ve lived overseas and traveled extensively, and met many brilliant, inspiring people, like you, with massive potential.


Duncan Skelton, PCC, CPCC

Other Stuff That Fulfils Me

Accidental serial marathon runner
Climber, mountaineer, snowboarder of 20+ years
Published climbing writer/photographer
Spent a year climbing on the west coast of the America’s, living in my tent.
Travelled overland through India, Nepal, Tibet & China for 6 months, climbing all the way.
Registered to officiate weddings within New York City, and married my best friends in Central Park.
Lapsed skydiver (I “didn’t fall fast enough“)
Being a lead on Google’s flagship leadership development program changed my world.

What people say about me…

Duncan is one of those coaches that will make you think a lot. His thought provoking questions lingered for weeks after our conversations ended and still to this day inspire me to take action. 


Portfolio Construction | Factor Investing

I have always been impressed by Duncan’s ability to balance empathy and compassion for those he coaches with willingness (and ability) to hold people accountable and challenge them to grow. It was this combination that made him so effective as a coach in the context of our leadership training. I highly recommend Duncan as a coach, based on my experience of his skills and his first-hand experience working in one of the largest and most complex technology company cultures.


Organizational Development, Google

Coaching has had a positive impact on my working life. Duncan doesn’t offer the answers, or any judgement, but instead just helps to guide my own thinking and gives me a space and framework in which I can find my own answers, and then gives me the confidence to work with those answers. I would recommend Duncan to anyone who is new to their level of management position, to anyone who is struggling to find their place in their job or to anyone – like me – who needs to build their professional confidence.


Senior Manager, R&D

Duncan walked beside me cheerfully, with insight courage and curiosity. These qualities shone through in our work and through them I found new perspectives on my own confidence and strategic thinking


Delivery Director

My goals for you are simple –
amplify your impact & find deeper fulfilment

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