How do I motivate my team?

I can help you generate options and give you new perspective.

New leadership role ?

I can help you find your vision and build professional confidence

Need to develop leadership skills?

Get honest feedback, and experiment, in a judgement-free safe space.

One-on-one professional coaching to amplify your leadership impact.

Senior leadership can become an isolating experience, and create a scarcity of objective feedback. Coaching provides a safe space to test out your self-awareness, experiment outside of your comfort zone and increase your leadership range.

New to leadership? Find your confidence and voice with coaching. 

Stepping into leadership can feel like a step into the unknown. Nobody talks about it and you’re just supposed to know. It can feel overwhelming. I beleive everyone has leadership within reach. It begins by leading yourself; by knowing yourself and owning that. One-on-one coaching can speed you along that path. 

Ready to commit to your own leadership?

Claim your confidence and realise your potential

What my clients say…

Duncan is one of those coaches that will make you think a lot. His thought provoking questions lingered for weeks after our conversations ended and still to this day inspire me to take action. 


Portfolio Construction | Factor Investing, Bristol

I have always been impressed by Duncan’s ability to balance empathy and compassion for those he coaches with willingness (and ability) to hold people accountable and challenge them to grow. It was this combination that made him so effective as a coach in the context of our leadership training. I highly recommend Duncan as a coach, based on my experience of his skills and his first-hand experience working in one of the largest and most complex technology company cultures.


Organizational Development, Google, USA

Duncan’s leadership coaching really helped me through a difficult spot in my career, he gave me a series of tools and approaches that helped me persevere through a moment in my life that was exceptionally difficult.


Engineer, Google Inc. USA

Duncan has the ability to build rapport and a very close connection in a very fast time. His empathy and understanding of people is absolutely superb. His capabilities to listen, understand, build connection and then ask the right questions for you to make impact on your leadership behavior is outstanding. I benefitted a lot from Duncan’s coaching tremendously. I can only highly recommend him for anyone who wants to make a difference in their career.


Managing Director, TROX, UAE

Coaching has had a positive impact on my working life. Duncan doesn’t offer the answers, or any judgement, but instead just helps to guide my own thinking and gives me a space and framework in which I can find my own answers, and then gives me the confidence to work with those answers. I would recommend Duncan to anyone who is new to their level of management position, to anyone who is struggling to find their place in their job or to anyone – like me – who needs to build their professional confidence.


Senior Manager, R&D, London

Duncan walked beside me cheerfully, with insight, courage and curiosity. These qualities shone through in our work and through them I found new perspectives on my own confidence and strategic thinking


Delivery Director, London

When I first met Duncan I had a true and deep desire to understand myself and my life and in that to make it better. He was not only able to follow where I was going (sometimes very scattered thoughts) but he was able to ground me and pull me back in to the present to take a deeper look. I had a profound moment with Duncan that I still call on when I need clarification in my life. I am eternally grateful for our time and look forward to the next time we work together!


Professional Photographer, USA

I was impressed by Duncan’s capabilities – balancing empathy with challenge; deep listening; holding the client accountable; and co-creating ideas for behavioural change. They are vivid in the coaching room. What’s more influential is the humanity and the genuine care for others he demonstrates. No hesitation to recommend Duncan for coaching that impacts on leadership behaviour.

Catherine Li-Yunxia

Global Executive Coach, Singapore

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